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We offer our clients the following solutions to achieve their
Positive Money Momentum

A solution for every need.

At Money Momentum, we recognize that each financial situation is unique and has its own difficulties but that is a challenge we readily embrace. Whether you are trying to get your own financial situation in order or trying to help those within your organization or community get ahead with their finances, we can help.


Individuals & Families

Looking for help with personal finances for yourself or your family?

Female Business Owners

Business Owners

Trying to get control of both your business and personal finances?

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Looking to build a highly productive workforce that is thriving financially?

Getting Soup


Trying to build a financially stable community who can contribute more to your cause?

Personal Finance Made Easy

Getting control of your money has very little to do with math and numbers. It is mainly a process of changing behaviors, habits, and your relationship with money. 


Our processes and our coaches are trained to help you learn the necessary money management skills and keep you accountable so you are successful in the long run.


"Trust, professional and reliable are the three key things that come to mind when I think about you. You encourage us and don't judge us, which is something thats important bc were talking about something no one wants to talk about."

How Do You Sign Up? Simple...

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Step 1

Schedule a 15 minute call. Make initial contact & find out more.

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Step 2

Fill out our Financial Evaluation Worksheet & schedule your free 60 minute consultations.

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Step 3

We send you a customized proposal which outlines the services.

Start Winning With Money

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