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Our programs include everything from self-paced online training through 12-Months+ of one-to-one guided financial coaching customized to your specific situation.  Through our initial consultation and discussions, we can assess which program is right for you and guide you along the way.  At all program levels, our clients get full access to our online training portal, access to all online and in-person workshops, and are automatically enrolled in our Member Appreciation Program.


Our one-to-one coaching programs are broken down into three options where the differentiators are the length of time in the program and the depth at which we drill down and set goals in all areas of your life.

We offer our clients the following solutions to achieve their
Positive Money Momentum


Self-Paced+ is a program designed for self-guided study using our online training portal.  You will have an initial kick-off meeting with a professional money coach to help you understand the layout of the portal and the process that you will follow as you navigate the training and exercises. 


With access to our live training events, webinars, and Member Appreciation Program, this option is a good choice for those that prefer to learn at their own pace, without direct one-to-one guidance from a money coach and accountability partner.  One-to-one coaching sessions are available as needed for an additional fee.

Quick Start

The 3-month Quick Start program is focused on kicking your budgeting skills into gear, defining a debt reduction strategy, and getting you started on the path toward building strong financial habits.  You will use our online training portal, as well as, our one-to-one coaching sessions to guide you through your three-month journey. The goal of this program is to ensure that you get the fundamentals of budgeting under your belt and walk away with a clear plan for paying off and staying out of debt.

Momentum Builder

The 6-month Momentum Builder program includes everything from the Quick Start program, but it extends our time together which gives us the opportunity to hone your new budgeting and financial skills to ensure newly developed habits stick with you for the long term.  We will also start looking outside of your finances and begin setting goals in four other key areas of your life to ensure you are being intentional and focus-driven in all life areas.


Those who walk with us through the Momentum Builder program will also gain access to our referral network of professional where we will examine all areas of your finance and legacy planning, a review of your insurance coverage, tax position, wills & estate planning, and more.

Abundance Builder

The 12-month Abundance Builder program is the all-inclusive program that has everything from Quick Start and Momentum Builder though also includes coaching and accountability that is focused on the Five Areas of Success.


Like the other programs, we will first work to get your financial situation stabilized by establishing a monthly budgeting process, along with a debt reduction and savings plan. After we get those processes in place, we will continue to meet monthly, along with our weekly touch point meetings, to ensure you develop and sustain the habits that are necessary to build personal wealth.


As we keep you on track with your finances, we begin delving into the other areas of personal growth and development; guiding you in strengthening all areas of your life, including your Family, Business/Career, Personal, and Spiritual. We will set goals in all areas and will hold you accountable to those goals. Life is about more than just personal finances, and the Abundance Builder program helps to make sure you are laser-focused on the most important things throughout your life.

What is included with each of these offerings?

Included with ALL Memberships

Kickoff Meeting & Foundational Budget Training (120 Minutes)

This is our orientation meeting. Your Coach will assess your personal financial situation and establish your action items for coaching. We go much more in-depth into your personal goals and what you want to get out of the program. We show you the online tools that are available to you, introduce you to our budgeting tools, and get you started on your journey to financial freedom.

Online Training Resources

You will be enrolled into the Assistant Financial Coach online training portal and will have access to all the online resources and videos that are available within the portal.

Live Events and Workshops for FREE

Join our engaging live events for FREE! We know how to make budget talk FUN and deliver talks about difficult strategies in a very relatable way. This includes both in-person events, as well, as online webinars.

Member Appreciation Program

This is our way of thanking you for being part of our lives on one level or another. We LOVE to LOVE on our members!

Included with ALL One-to-One Coaching Programs

Everything Above Plus...

Personalized 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions

  • Monthly Budget Plan & Review (60 Minutes)

  • Weekly Touchpoint Meetings (15 Minutes)

Throughout the program, you will prepare a draft budget plan for the upcoming month and bring that to your Monthly Budget Plan & Review meeting. During this time, you and your coach will review the draft plan you have prepared. You and your coach will refine the budget together and will discuss any pain-points you are having related to budgeting or any other area of the financials. You will come away from each budget meeting with take-aways that will help you finalize the budget before the month begins.  Once the budget is in place, it only works if you live by the budget. Throughout the month, you and your coach will get together on 15-minute touchpoint meetings to discuss how things are going and discuss any questions that arose during the week. This is another way to help you stay accountable to the plan you established. Your coach will provide you with personalized action plans, motivation, and accountability to reach your goals throughout the month.

Debt Elimination Plan

Your coach will help you create a plan that will allow you to become free of consumer debt. Of course it depends on each person’s situation; however, most of our clients can become debt free within 18-24 months through working our program!

Starter Emergency Fund Savings Plan

Your coach will help you create a savings plan that will get you started on your emergency fund and will set in place a plan to help you achieve an ideal 6 to 8 months of emergency savings.

Discounts for Add-On Coaching Sessions

You and your coach will be meeting a lot as part of each coaching program; however, during the term of your coaching agreement, if there is a need to have additional coaching sessions on specific topics or trouble spots, we offer our one-to-one coaching clients a reduced price on our normal hourly coaching rate.

Included with the Momentum & Abundance Builder Coaching Programs

Everything Above Plus...

Five Circle Goal Setting

If you want to achieve growth in all areas of your life, it requires setting goals and taking action. There are five areas for our lives that require focused attention: Spiritual, Personal, Family, Business/Career, and Financial. We’ve got you covered on the Financial area though the Five Circle Goal Setting Program will assure that there is similar focus in the other important areas. We will talk through the importance of this activity and guide you through the discussions and exercises that will provide focused attention made in all important areas of our lives.

Referral Partner Network Consults

There are many components that go into establishing a solid financial house. It is our goal that you have checked all the boxes and there are no cracks in the foundation. We want to guide you toward a solid footing with the right people. We have a network of professionals that we trust and that we know have the heart of a teacher. Any referrals provided are to professionals in their respective industries that we know, like and trust.  


**We do not sell financial products or insurances. We do not provide legal or tax advice.  We receive no payments for these referrals.

Included with the Abundance Builder Coaching Program

Everything Above Plus...

Five Circle Coaching and Accountability

In the Five Circle Goal Setting exercise above, you will have set goals in all areas of your life but now we help hold you accountable to those goals and track your progress. Incorporated into your monthly meetings and touch points will be discussions that revolve around the goals you have set for each of the Five Circles.

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