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Meet Ashley

Meet Ashley

​Ashley Abplanalp dedicates her life to impacting and improving lives. Born and raised in Fairfax, Virginia, Ashley attended Virginia Tech and married her college sweetheart. They live outside of Richmond, Virginia, and have three children. OH! We can't forget Miss Georgia Kay - she is their German Shepherd rescue.

Ashley is the lead money coach, speaker, and trainer at Money Momentum. She was the owner of

a real estate practice and has worked in corporate HR departments as well. Though Ashley values her experience in these two very different fields, her passion is to guide others to achieve financial confidence, stability, and goals through her coaching process.

Mission + Vision + Values


Big Vision for

the Community

Money Momentum's mission is to impact and improve families' lives. Our vision is to make Richmond, Virginia the most abundant city in the world.




  • To diligently seek and follow Christ

  • Abide by the Golden Rule

  • A commitment to personal growth

  • A commitment to family growth


  • Mutual respect

  • Serve each other

  • Communicate with each other in the way which the other person needs to be communicated


  • Can you put your name to it?

  • If it's not excellent, don't do it

  • Always take the high road

  • Exceed people's expectations

  • Win!

Start Winning With Money

Our Story

In 2012, founder Ashley Abplanalp and her husband Brian were tired of the strain financial stress was causing within their family. They set out on a mission to get out of debt and get control over their family's financial future.


After much hard work deciding what they wanted money to do for their family, financial success soon followed. Ashley became so passionate about the positive impact these changes had on her family and their future, she decided to start coaching others through the same life changing process.  She founded Money Momentum in order to bring financial wellness skills and techniques to as many individuals and families as possible.

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