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Positive Solutions for Your Money

Start Winning with Money

You have dreams. We have systems. Let us guide you.

Build momentum with your money

mo·​men·​tum (noun): 
strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events

HUNDREDS of families POSITIVELY impacted


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Money Momentum Solutions

Money Momentum works in partnership with individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to provide positive money solutions for personal finance.

Individuals + Families

We assess your financial situation, identify your goals, and devise a plan that is specific to you. Through our process, you will implement household systems and strategies that will help you to get out of debt, save money, and achieve your money goals.

Business Owners


We partner with start-up and small business owners to identify their money goals; both personally and within the business. We ensure processes are in place to manage cashflow and to bring stability to money management at both home and in the business.

We partner with businesses to help their most valuable assets become financially well. We know that once employees reach Stability and Success with their money, the whole financial health and outlook of the company becomes better. 


We partner with organizations to help members feel empowered with their money. We know that once members can reach Stability and Success with their money, they are able to give more back to the organization they care so deeply about.

Which Stage Are You? 

As we guide you in building your Money Momentum, you will navigate your way through four stages.

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At Survival, your money is controlling you and your financial situation feels hopeless.

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At Stability, things are not necessarily on fire but there is still much room for improvement.

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At Success, you are in control of every dollar and ensure it is laser-focused on your goals.

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At Significance, you mastered money and now have the means to live an abundant life.

Let's Connect to Get Started


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Schedule a FREE assessment to review your financial situation.


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Develop a plan that works for you and is specific to your needs.


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Implement your plan and walk
together through the process.

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